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Contractor Estimate Software
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Contractor Estimate Software Tool

Go2 Estimator is the ultimate tool for contractors looking to provide accurate project expenses to their clients. With customizable products, prices, costs and manhours, you can generate three quote options to choose from. The tool also features an admin dashboard that auto-populates a precise list of materials and breaks down project expenses by category, giving you complete control over your project timeframe and expenses. Say goodbye to inaccurate estimates and hello to Go2 Estimator - the future of project estimating!

Contractor Estimate Software Key Features

Estimate Tool

Every category of interior renovations can be found within the contractor estimate software. One simple selection will provide a material list, detailed quote, full expense/profit report along with an estimated project timeframe. 

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Quote Tool

Enjoy two different quote options to offer a professional quote to any customer. Our detailed quote offers an item breakdown of all the items and prices. Our Manual Express quote is quick and effortless for on the spot small quotes for those times you need to make a small quote fast. 

Material List

As you input your estimate selections there is magic happening behind the scenes! All items will convert on a separate Materials page in full details right down to how many screws are required. Easy drop downs help you mark items you ordered, delivered or you may have in stock. Any item requiring attention automatically highlights so you won't miss it!

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Admin Dashboard

As an Owner or Manager, enjoy private access to your project breakdown. While your sales team can see the total project amount in your contractor estimate software, you receive the nitty gritty including, labor cost/ profit, product cost/profit, overall profit and loss and the ability to view all of that for each category, i.e.. Bathroom, Drywall, etc. 

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Quickly export any quote into a professional contract that automatically fills in all the information with the click of a button.

Custom Product Input

Our key to a successful contractor estimate software is the sheer customized values we offer. All your go to products and materials can be inputted in one easily labeled spot and syndicated throughout the program in real time. Every category also has a product override for one-off jobs as well as an install price override for those projects that we all know will demand more once we open the walls!

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Project Flexibilty

Our contractor estimate software is designed for ease of use and flexibility. From your dashboard you can modify material waste and product markup percentages. Enjoy our miles or km customization along with employees/ job, average wage and more for the most real time accurate data!

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What's Included With Our
Contractor Estimate Software

  • Admin Control

    • Set the pages you want your team to have access to.

  • Admin Dashboard

    • Monitor all costs & profits of each job in one easy to use spot.

  • Customization

    • Fully control all your material prices, job time, product markup, waste factor and labor prices.

  • Estimator

    • Browse through dozens of categories to input all of your numbers and selections.

  • Detailed Quote

    • All products can be fully displayed along with pricing on one easy to navigate form.

  • Create Contracts

    • From the quote page simply click create contract to automatically create a contract with all job numbers and customer information inputted for you. 

  • Manual Quote

    • Give a quote in seconds manually and use the calculator provided for professional quotes fast.

  • Materials Page

    • All items inputted into the Estimator will be grouped onto the materials page where you can manage quantities, stock levels, special orders and more!

  • Users

  • Initial Set up

    • Help setting up your account and enjoy the "how to" user guide videos included.

  • Support

    • Full support service for technical support and general inquiries!

Package Pricing

Contractor Estimate Software 

Contact us and discuss with an advisor to learn how we can assist yourself and your company with our contracting estimate software that is easy to use, affordable and saves you time! We have several pricing plans to accommodate all sizes of business. 

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